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Daniel F. Wajner
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Daniel F. Wajner is a PhD candidate at the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also serves as lecturer at the Department of International Relations and the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University, as General-Secretary of the Israeli Association for International Studies, and as co-editor of the Politika academic journal. His main areas of research and teaching are international legitimacy, conflict resolution, and regional integration, particularly focusing on their interplay in the realm of Middle East and Latin American politics. His present PhD research focuses on the role of international legitimacy in conflict resolution, through the analysis of legitimation dynamics during peace negotiations in intractable conflicts.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 11:30 0

How can we understand the regional “appeal” that the Chavista project had for years, and its more recent deceleration? In this paper, we focused on the legitimation strategies of Hugo Chávez and...