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Luis Roniger
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Luis Roniger is Reynolds Professor of Latin American Studies at Wake Forest University. His work focuses on the interface between politics, society and public culture. He has taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been visiting professor at Carleton University, the University of Chicago, and universities in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. He is on the international editorial board of academic journals published in Mexico, Spain, USA, the UK, Israel, Colombia, and Argentina. Roniger has published numerous scholarly articles and books, most recently Destierro y exilio en América Latina: Nuevos estudios y avances teóricos (2014); Exile, Diaspora and Return: Changing Cultural Landscapes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay (with Leonardo Senkman, Saul Sosnowski, and Mario Sznajder, 2017); and Historia mínima de los derechos humanos en América Latina (2018).