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Juliane Müller is lecturer at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Munich (LMU, Germany). Her expertise lies within economic anthropology, trade and markets, transnational migration, historical memory, as well as sports from a sociocultural perspective. She is the author of Migration, Gender, and Soccer: Bolivians in Spain (Berlin, 2013) and coeditor of ‘Otro Fútbol’: Ritualidad, organización institucional y competencia en un siglo de fútbol popular en Bolivia (1896– 2014) (La Paz, 2014). Among her recent articles figure “Rethinking the Plural Economy: Popular Commerce in Plurinational Bolivia” (Psychosozial, 2016) and (with Adolfo García Jerez) “‘Between Two Pasts’: Dictatorships and the Politics of Memory in Bolivia” (Latin American Perspectives, 2015). She is coediting a special dossier in The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology on “Entrepreneurship, Artisans, and Traders: The Remaking of China-Latin American Economies” and The Political and Cultural Economy of Popular Commerce: Gender, Inequality, and Materiality in Latin American Cities under contract with Lexington Books (both forthcoming 2018).

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