Salud Mental en América Latina

December 23, 2019

Los trastornos mentales comprenden una gama amplia de enfermedades tales como estrés, ansiedad y depresión y cada una de ellas tiene diferentes síntomas. No obstante, una señal común de estas enfermedades es que afectan las emociones, sentimientos y el comportamiento de las personas afectadas (World Health Organización - WHO 2019). En la última década la depresión se ha posicionado como una enfermedad mental común que también afecta ciudadanos en Latinoamérica.

García's denied asylum reflection of growing corruption in Peru

January 21, 2019

Last month, former president of Peru Alan García was denied his plea for asylum at the Uruguayan embassy, which stated that as “the three branches of the state function freely” in Peru, García did not have a case for asylum.  The president, who has been banned from leaving the country since November, will go on trial for accusation that he took bribes from Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht during his second term in office from 2006 to 2011 (BBC News 2018).

Baby Trafficking Ring Busted in Peru: A Conversation on Global Child Trafficking Networks

November 14, 2018

This month, authorities in Peru uncovered a widespread baby-trafficking ring in and around the southern city of Arequipa. It appears that the gang operated by preying on poor pregnant women who could not afford to raise a child, and convincing them to sell their babies when they were born. Peruvian authorities have labeled the trafficking ring’s participants ‘Los Desalmados del Tráfico Humano’ (‘The Soulless Human Traffickers’). Although it is seldom discussed in mainstream circles, the trade of newborns and young children is relatively common in developing countries all around the world, including Indonesia and Nigeria.


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