Los norteamericanos que reinventaron a los pueblos de México: Los emprendedores extranjeros en la redefinición de la cultura y el turismo

September 8, 2020
En este artículo buscamos analizar cuál es el papel que tuvo el emprendimiento que tuvieron turistas internacionales en la reconstrucción de la cultura, la identidad y la economía de poblaciones mexicanas que habitaron de manera temporal o permanente, analizamos los caos de Taxco (Guerrero) y Álamos (Sonora), ambos en México. 

Mexico City as a Role Model This Pride Month

June 29, 2019

Despite the strong influence of the Catholic church on cultures throughout Latin America, each day LGBTQ+ communities throughout the region continue to gain rights and the freedom to openly express their true selves.  Argentina has been a long time queer safe haven in Latin America with the availability of free hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery to citizens of all ages since 2012, as

The Weaponization of Music and Social Media Against Homophobia in México

October 21, 2019

This amalgamation of influences produced a Mexican state that has a diverse and lively array of LGBTQ+ communities in different cities across the nation. In the context of “queer” meaning relating to people who do not conform to the heteronormative or cis-gendered Mexican lifestyle, Mexican queer history reveals to us that Mexican LGBTQ+ people have had to adapt to different ways of living across different regions and periods. The administration of NAFTA added another dimension, shifting México into a country that freely adopted trade between the U.S. and Canada.


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