Nueva Gestión Pública en Chile: Orígenes y Efectos

October 4, 2016

La implementación de las reformas de modernización inspiradas en la Nueva Gestión Pública (NGP) provocó efectos positivos, pero también generó algunas consecuencias no deseadas.1 En varios países, las reformas llevaron a una mayor complejidad institucional, debilitaron la capacidad de los gobiernos para resolver problemas ciudadanos y generaron una fragmentación del gobierno al imponer objetivos y metas específicas a cada agencia debilitando la acción coordinada entre ellas.

The Transnational Diffusion of Anti-Communism among Women in Brazil, Chile, and the US

May 23, 2016

The growing attention paid to transnationalism that has occurred in the last two decades has enriched scholarly and public understanding of how and why diverse forces connect with each other around the world. It has brought to light the critical ties that exist between and among state and non-state actors on a variety of levels and in a range of geographical, political, and social settings across the globe.

Ecuador's Earthquake Preparedness

April 29, 2016

As the devastating consequences of the recent earthquake in Ecuador continue to roll in, it is increasingly evident the depth of destruction that Ecuador faces. On April 16th an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck the coast of Ecuador near Muisne, in the province of Esmeraldas. The towns of Manta, Pedernales and Portoviejo were also hit heavily. The capital, Quito, felt the tremors but was less affected.

Arte Chileno y Memoria del Hoy

April 27, 2016

Trabajo académico sobre la ‘generación de la memoria’ en Chile y Argentina (como el de Steve Stern, 2004: XVIII, o Ana Ros, 2012 ) ha enfatizado el carácter selectivo y la inversión imaginativa en recordar colectivamente un proceso histórico, en particular aquellos relacionados con trauma y sufrimiento social como los vividos en ambos países durante sus respectivas dictaduras.

Peru and Chile Make Strides Towards Conservation

April 26, 2016

This November, Peruvian president Ollanta Humala signed a decree designating a massive area of the Amazon jungle a new national park.1 Sierra del Divisor National Park, whose an area of 5,470 square miles is greater than the United States’ Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks combined, connects two protected areas on either side of it to finally link together the Andes-Amazon Conservation Corridor.2,3 The green corridor now protects 67 million contiguous acres of pris

An Update on the Border Dispute Between Chile and Bolivia

April 26, 2016

At the end of September, the International Court of Justice, the primary judicial branch of the United Nations, agreed to take the case between Bolivia and Chile about a border dispute, stating it has jurisdiction over the matter. Since Bolivia ceded territory along the coast to Chile as a consequence of the War of the Pacific and lost access to the Pacific Ocean, relations between the two countries have oscillated between periods of normal and nonexistent diplomatic relations.

Chilean Architect Wins Prestigious Architectural Award

This year’s Pritzker Prize, an architectural award, was given to a Chilean architect, Alejandro Aravena. At 48, his achievements and buildings span various continents and of course, throughout his native Chile. Past winners of this prize include the Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, who had a prolific career around the world and is known for his architectural and urban planning achievements in the Brazilian capital of Brasília.

Turkish President Visits Latin America

Turkey is interested in subscribing free trade agreements (FTA) with Latin American and Caribbean countries with the aim of strengthening trade exchanges. Turkish president, Tayyip Erdogan visited Latin America hoping to boost trade by 2030.  Exchanges between Turkey and Latin America have experienced a significant increase from $USD 1 billion in 2014 to near $USD10 billion.


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