Chile leads international efforts to investigate sex abuse within the Catholic church

October 10, 2018

The Catholic church is in the midst of an institutional crisis as allegations and evidence of sexual abuse by members of the church, and cover-ups by their superiors, continue to be exposed in immense quantities. Chile has found itself at the forefront of this scandal as various raids around the country have led authorities hundreds of cases of sexual abuse by clerics, bishops, priests, and other non-priest members of the country’s diocese.

Mobilizing Grievances in Student Mobilizations in Chile

October 5, 2018

In the past decade, student movements in Chile have been a major force shaping the country’s public opinion and policy reforms. The latest cycle of student protests occurred this year when dozens of schools and universities were occupied by feminist activists in favor of gender equality in general, and in particular against several high-profile sexual harassment cases.

Political participation and constitution-making: the case of Chile

June 5, 2018

The crisis of political representation is pushing contemporary democracies to search for new legitimating mechanisms, including higher levels of transparency, openness and participation in political decision-making. This trend is also reaching constitution-making, an area formerly restricted to experts and representatives. Participation and inclusiveness seem to be requisites for a Constitution to be legitimate and to produce adherence.

Formación inicial docente para la educación inclusiva. Análisis de tres programas chilenos de pedagogía en educación básica que incorporan la perspectiva de la educación inclusiva.

January 10, 2018

El presente artículo indaga en la importancia de la educación inclusiva en la formación inicial docente en tres programas de Pedagogía en Educación Básica del sistema de educación superior chileno, que incorporan elementos de la educación inclusiva en sus descripciones y perfiles de egreso. Específicamente, la investigación busca conocer cómo se entiende la educación inclusiva en el diseño curricular de estos programas y de qué manera estos incluyen esta dimensión dentro de los procesos formativos que llevan a cabo.

Adaptación académica de estudianes migrantes en contexto de frontera

November 30, 2017

El objetivo de la presente investigación es analizar las características asumidas por el proceso de adaptación académica de los estudiantes migrantes incorporados a la educación básica y media de la ciudad de Arica, contexto de investigación caracterizado por su situación bi-fronteriza.

The triumph of negative freedom: Chilean parliamentary discourse on freedom of expression

November 11, 2017

“Free market philosophy is notoriously blind to the fact that access to the market is heavily skewed by already existing inequalities in society”

Julian Petley, Censoring the World[1]

“The […] dread of the State as the primary power source has bred a myopia to private restraints on expression”


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