A Democracia Brasileira com Bolsonaro: Até quando o Brasil Suporta

July 31, 2020

No best seller “Como as Democracias Morrem” Steven Levitisky e David Ziblatt, analisam como líderes autoritários são eleitos livremente e em seguida, criam tiranias ou regimes autoritários, matando a democracia.

Anxiety disorders: The hidden threat for Latin American countries in times of COVID-19

More than 11 million people worldwide are suffering from COVID-19 (Worldometer, July 4, 2020). The global spread is halting economies with a stronger impact in Latin American countries who were already struggling with limited health services, a broad informal market, and high unemployment rates. In these countries, households suffer persistent worries about their health, economic uncertainty, and rigid social isolation, some of the stressors that can lead to mental health diseases.


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