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COVID-19: Bodies lie on the streets of Guayaquil

April 4, 2020

COVID-19 is impacting nations around the globe. Governments’ policies to prevent the spread of the virus are challenged while the number of deaths and contagions increases every day at a fast pace. In Latin America, Ecuador has become the epicenter of COVID-19, and the country is suffering a devastating reality; families are unable to bury their relatives, and even worse, some have to remain with the corpses for more than 48 hours due to the collapse of the public services.

Recent Femicides in Mexico City

March 19, 2020

Gender-based violence against women is an issue that has ingrained itself deeply into Mexican society and culture over decades of inaction from the government. Despite the protests of human rights activists, the government continues to grant impunity to most murderers, rapists, and other criminals that commit violent acts against women. Specifically, most cases of violence against women in Mexico go uninvestigated and unsolved—leaving thousands of women violated without justice (Miguel Vivanco, 2020).


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