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Powerless Supermajorities: Filibustering in the Costa Rican Legislature, 2002-2012

October 11, 2016

In January 2008, Costa Rican voters narrowly approved a free trade agreement with the United States via referendum.1 Three months later, legislative supporters of the agreement, representing a two-thirds majority of the country’s Legislative Assembly, brought to the floor a wheelbarrow containing more than 5,000 amendments, spanning 52,000 pages, made to the first 3 of 13 reforms the country needed to implement to be allowed into the agreement (see photo).

Decision-making on the Peruvian Constitutional Tribunal after Fujimori

October 11, 2016

Those concerned with democratic accountability and the separation of powers may ask whether the Peruvian Constitutional Tribunal effectively checks other governmental actors and what determines such judicial assertiveness or its antithesis, judicial deference. In a recent article by Lydia Tiede and Aldo F.


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