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COVID-19, The Economic Crisis and Trump's Inequities


The article studies inequities in Donald Trump's policies first with the 2017 tax reform and then concerning the corvid-19: 1) his belated and infamous policy (or lack thereof) in the face of the pandemic; 2) the unconstitutionality of Trump’s declaration of having full power over the states; 3) the numerous cases in which Trump, his allies and large corporations have benefited from covid-19; 4) the economic rescue packages, the initial focus on helping large corporations and the struggle of Democrats to improve equity; 5) the triage that theoretically must be objective and ethical but in practice privileges the rich and powerful while sacrificing the poor, elderly, Hispanics and African-Americans; and 6) the people's reaction to Trumpian policies over covid-19 and their potential impact on the elections.

The Venezuelan Migrant and Refugee Crisis: Bringing Attention to the Displaced


Around 4.2 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela have left their country seeking asylum. They are fleeing from a crisis characterized by violence, human rights violations, corruption, hyperinflation, and poverty. Unlike other refugee crises, the one in Venezuela is not due to conventional war or conflict, yet the conditions people face are not too different from those in an active war zone. Despite the massive scale of displacement, the humanitarian crisis remains highly underfunded, and the international community is not giving it the attention it needs to ensure the protection and security of these refugees.

Brazilian Democracy with Bolsonaro: How long can Brazil handle it?

August 11, 2020

In the best-seller, “How Democracies Die,” Steven Levitsky and David Ziblatt analyze how authoritarian leaders are democratically elected and then create tyrannies or authoritarian regimes, killing democracy.

A Democracia Brasileira com Bolsonaro: Até quando o Brasil Suporta

July 31, 2020

No best seller “Como as Democracias Morrem” Steven Levitisky e David Ziblatt, analisam como líderes autoritários são eleitos livremente e em seguida, criam tiranias ou regimes autoritários, matando a democracia.


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