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Spanish in U.S. Education

November 27, 2018

“Only 20.7 percent of American adults can speak a foreign language — compared with 66 percent of all European adults who know more than one language” (Zietlow, 2017). This statistic is often justified by the American explanation that for Europeans, due to the close proximity of different countries, learning a foreign language is easy because it is as though each state in the United States spoke a different language. As if for some reason close neighbors that speak a different language make it more common for Europeans to learn a second or even third language.

Ongoing Paramilitary Violence in the aftermath of the Colombian Peace Deals

November 9, 2018

For more than half a century, Colombians have been caught in the midst of violence between “La Violencia”, guerilla groups, and drug lords. After one conflict ended, another began, and when there seemed to be a lull in the violence and a chance for peace, a presidential candidate would be assassinated, or a guerilla bomb would leave the country’s infrastructure devastated. In 2016, the Colombian Peace Deal between then-president Juan Manuel Santos and the (write out the acronym) FARC guerilla group seemed to be the first real sign that Colombia was emerging from its decades of violence.

Inspired by hate: what Bolsonaro presidential campaign is doing to Brazilian politics

November 1, 2018

Since Brazilians went to the polling stations on Oct 7 and massively vote for an extreme-right, military presidential candidate, the world has turned its attention to the man that became next president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who has openly  expressed misogynistic, homophobic, racist and militaristic views. His campaign was largely run in the social media by his fans, who are not shy of sharing fake news via WhatsApp, which turned out to be the go-to political weapon and is used by 120 million people in the country.


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