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Casa San José: Breaking Down Barriers in Pittsburgh

September 20, 2018

Throughout Pittsburgh there are numerous organizations whose mission is to work towards total equity in one aspect of life or another. An example of this is Casa San José, where mission of Casa San José is to empower Latinos “by promoting integration and self-sufficiency.” Specifically, Casa San José works to make Pittsburgh an equitable community for Latinos.

Indigenizando el Derecho Internacional

September 5, 2018

La pregunta de si puede y debe indigenizarse el derecho internacional está en el centro de mi investigación en curso y, en ese sentido, este corto artículo presentará los aspectos más relevantes del itinerario epistemológico y metodológico que sigue mi exploración. El objetivo de mi investigación es presentar críticamente la trayectoria con la que el derecho occidental en general y el derecho internacional en particular han construido doctrinas legales en relación con los derechos de los pueblos indígenas.

Pollution in the Dominican Republic is a Sign of a Global Issue

July 30, 2018

The Dominican Republic made headlines about it’s beaches this week-- and it wasn’t for it’s miles of pristine tropical white-sand beaches. It was for waves upon waves of trash that had engulfed Montesinos Beach in the capital, Santo Domingo. The government deployed hundreds of city workers with help from volunteers to tackle the ecological mess.

Security, elections and public policy: Do candidates listen to the citizens during campaigns?

June 19, 2018

Crime has appeared as a central problem for citizens, politicians and the media in Latin America in last two decades. In this context, increased concerns about public safety impacts the political and electoral agenda. In Argentina, this process began at the end of the nineties but became especially prominent during the 2015 presidential election when all candidates forcefully supported more police, more video cameras, and more penalties.


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