Economy and Development

Lessons Learned from Chile’s Shift to Tuition-Free College

January 27, 2020

In 2011, Chile was marked by the masses protesting the outrageous tuition rates and extreme levels of student debts. In 2016, the Chilean government responded by enacting a program known as gratuidad—making college free for qualified students. With the goals of reducing student debt, increasing enrollment among lower-income students, and decreasing the inequality entrenched in the education system and its students, gratuidad brought many students hope.

Constructive discomfort

November 18, 2019

During the past few weeks, Chile has been experiencing a social movement, an awakening of sorts, that has moved people of all ages to the streets to protest against the living conditions that have made this country one with the highest levels of inequality in the world (BBCNews, 2019) There are several reasons that have led the country to the current state, most of them stemming from the reforms and neoliberal agenda adopted during the dictatorship.


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