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Stephen Perz sperz environmental change, land use practices and land cover dynamics, and the socio-spatial processes of road-building in the Amazon.
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Sergio Praca srpraca Sérgio Praça teaches Public Policy at the Universidade Federal do ABC, in São Paulo, Brazil, and is a researcher at FGV-SP. He blogs at
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Stephan Ruderer sruderer Investigator in the research group SFB 1150 "Cultures of decisions" at the WWU Münster -research fields: corruption in Latin America, Church and Dictatorships in the Southern Cone, Politics of memory in the Southern Cone, history of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay
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Susan Wiedel srw48 Susan Wiedel is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying English Nonfiction Writing and Latin American Studies. In the summer of 2014, Susan participated in the Center for Latin American Studies' Seminar/Field Trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she conducted a research project on the quality and attendance rates of public secondary schools in the city. The unique experience led her to become more involved in the Center by becoming a certificate student and writer for Panoramas.
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Steffan Gómez-Campos Steffan.Gomez-Campos Ingresó al Programa Estado de la Nación en el 2010. Investigador principal del capítulo de Fortalecimiento de la Democracia y profesor universitario de Ciencia Política. Máster en Estudios del Desarrollo por la Universidad de Giessen de Alemania y Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad de Costa Rica. Se ha especializado en el área de política comparada en América Latina en temas de democracia; procesos electorales y sistemas de partidos políticos.
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Mora Straschnoy Straschnoy_LARR Licenciada en Sociología, graduada de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la UBA. Especialista en Planificación y Gestión de Políticas Sociales y Magister en Políticas Sociales, UBA. Auxiliar docente en Sociología Política, en la carrera de Sociología de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (UBA). Becaria de Doctorado CONICET (2013–2018). Investigadora Adscripta del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas y Sociales “Ambrosio L. Gioja”. Los temas de investigación de Mora son las políticas que transfieren ingresos a las familias calificadas como “vulnerables”, el sistema de Asignaciones Familiares, las condicionalidades en salud y educación, las políticas sanitarias destinadas a la población sin cobertura explícita y más específicamente las destinadas a mejorar los controles prenatales. Algunas de sus publicaciones pueden consultarse en:
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Chuck Sturtevant Sturtevant_LARR Chuck Sturtevant is a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law. His research applies an ethnographic approach to citizenship, the state and political practices. He holds an MPhil in Ethnographic documentary from the University of Manchester. His film Habilito: Debt for Life was recently published in the journal Finance and Society.
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Susana Rosano susana.rosano Susana Rosano is a professor at the National University of Rosario. She has earned her PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.
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Eduardo Svartman svartman Eduardo Munhoz Svartman, PhD is professor at the Department of Political Science at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He was executive editor of the Brazilian Defense Studies Review and visiting professor at Universidad Nacional de Rosário, Argentina. As member of the Brazilian Political Science Association, Brazilian Defense Studies Association and Latin American Political Science Association his main research interest includes armed forces, national defense policies, international security and Brazil-United States military relations.
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Thomas Bruneau Tbruneau Thomas C. Bruneau is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. His two most recent books are Patriots for Profit: Contractors and the Military in U.S. National Security (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2011) and, with Florina Cristiana Matei, eds, The Routledge Handbook of Civil – Military Relations (London: Routledge, 2013).