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Ronald Alfaro-Redondo ralfaro Costa Rican Political Scientist. Master of Arts in Quantitative Methods in the social sciences. Columbia University, New York, USA. Master of Arts in Political Science. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Doctoral Student in the Political Science Department. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Main author of the Americas Barometer in Costa Rica. Researcher in Programa Estado de la Nación. Professor in the Political Science Department. University of Costa Rica.
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Roland Armando Alum ralum ROLAND ARMANDO ALUM, is a New Jersey-based [external] Research Associate in anthropology with the Univ. of Pittsburgh’s Center for Latin American Studies, from which he graduated, also received a Post-Doctoral Certificate from the Univ. of Virginia. A former Fulbright scholar in the Dominican Republic, he is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology, a trustee of DeVry Univ.-N.J., and vice-chair of both, the N.J. Certified Psychoanalysts Committee and the N.J. Center for Hispanic Policy, Research & Development. He has taught at several colleges/universities in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Rep. , and has in addition held N.J.-State & Federal high level executive and pro bono posts. His over 135 writings–-in English & Spanish—have been published in U.S. and foreign scholarly journals, books, encyclopedias, and newspapers. Among his research interests is the anthropology of dictatorships [].
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Randal Sheppard randal_sheppard Randal Sheppard is a postdoctoral researcher on the European Research Council project “Left-Wing Exile in Mexico, 1934-1960” at the University of Cologne, Germany. He holds a PhD in History from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and is the author of A Persistent Revolution: History, Nationalism, and Politics in Mexico Since 1968, released by University of New Mexico Press in 2016. His current project focuses on Cuban-born designer Clara Porset and the politics of exile and modern design in mid-twentieth century Mexico.
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Raúl Bustos Raúl Bustos Factulty in the Education Department at the University of Tarapacá
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Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro rbweitz Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro is the Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of Political Science at Brown University. Her research focuses on the quality of representation and government accountability in Latin America. Her book, "Curbing Clientelism in Argentina: Politics, Poverty, and Social Policy," was recently published with Cambridge University Press (2014). Her ongoing projects examine citizen attitudes towards corruption and mechanisms of state oversight in Brazil and Argentina. Webpage:
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Rafael Dobado-González rdobadog Ph.D. in Economics in 1989, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Professor (catedrático) of Economic History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Visiting Scholar and Associate of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Tinker Professor of the Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University, New York. Invited professor of the Maoison de l'histoire (Université de Genève).
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Rebecca Kosick Rebecca_KosickLARR Rebecca Kosick is a lecturer in translation studies in the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies at the University of Bristol, UK. There, she is also co-director of the Bristol Poetry Institute. Her research focuses on twentieth-century and contemporary poetry and art in hemispheric America, with publications that include "On the Matter of the Concept: Ferreira Gullar's Relational Poetics" (Luso-Brazilian Review). She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled "Word, Image, Object: On the Matter of Poetics in Hemispheric America."
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Regina Cellino Regina C Profesora en Letras. Actualmente cursa la Maestría en Literatura Argentina en la Universidad Nacional de Rosario y el Doctorado en Humanidades y Artes con mención en Literatura en la Universidad Nacional de Rosario a través de una Beca Doctoral otorgada por CONICET. Se desempeña como docente en la Facultad de Humanidades y Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario en la cátedra de Literatura Europea II. En mayo del 2015, dictó un seminario de Posgrado en la cátedra de Lengua y Traducción Española en la Universidad de Calabria, Rende, Italia. Ha publicado artículos científicos en diversas revistas digitales y en papel.
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Regnar Alabæk Kristensen Regnar Alabæk K... Regnar Kristensen is external lecturer at the Institute for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at Copenhagen University. Since 2002 he has conducted prolonged ethnographic fieldworks inside the cult to La Santa Muerte in Mexico City. He obtained a Ph.D. in anthropology at Copenhagen University in 2011 for his research on saints and security in Mexico City. It was funded by the Faculty of Social Science, Copenhagen University. His following postdoc project on poverty, crime and family dynamics in Mexico City was funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. He has published on La Santa Muerte in Ethnos (2014) and Journal of Latin American Studies (2015), among others. This article draws mainly from the article La Santa Muerte in Mexico City: The Cult and its Ambiguities, published in 2015 in Journal of Latin American Studies.
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Rene Jose Silva Rene J. Silva René J. Silva is a PhD candidate in the Atlantic History program at Florida International University in Miami. His dissertation focuses on the reintegration of the Loyalists in the United States after the American Revolution, specifically in southeastern Pennsylvania. Other areas of scholarly interest include questions of comparative fidelity in British and Spanish America in the era of independence; issues of loyalty, race, trade, and political transition in East Florida during the Second Spanish Period (1784-1821); and Cuban society in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.