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Marcos Emilio Pérez Perez_LARR Marcos Emilio Pérez is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology at Colby College. Starting in the summer of 2018 he will be an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Political Science from Torcuato Di Tella University. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Peter M. M. Cummings Peter M. M. Cummings Peter M. M. Cummings studied political science at the University of Notre Dame, and conducted original fieldwork on student protests in Chile. Following his research on the protests, Peter worked at Tironi Asociados, a strategic communications firm in Chile, where his research focused on civic participation and community relations. Peter currently lives in Washington, DC. He supports national public health projects through social marketing research at FHI 360, and he serves as a bilingual tutor for the DC immigrant community at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School.
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Peter Yehl PeterYehl Peter Yehl is a 2nd year Master of International Development student at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh. He is also currently seeking a certificate in Latin American Social and Public Policy. Peter holds a B.A. in International Relations and Modern Languages from Duquesne University, and has previous work experience in India, El Salvador, Germany, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
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Peter Hays Gries peter_gries Peter Hays Gries is the Harold J. & Ruth Newman Chair and director of the Institute for U.S.-China Issues, and Professor of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He is author of numerous books and articles on the political psychology of international affairs.
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Peter Wade peter_wade Peter Wade is a professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester.
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Pedro Floriano Ribeiro pfribeiro Professor of Political Science at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar, state of São Paulo, Brazil), teaching at the Graduate Program (MA and PhD) in Political Science. His doctoral thesis, about the Workers’ Party (PT), was awarded the 2009 CAPES Prize of Theses (Ministry of Education of Brazil). Released as a book in 2010, the work was nominated for the 'Jabuti Prize'. In 2014, he was awarded the Olavo Brasil de Lima Jr. Prize, given by the Brazilian Political Science Association. He is a CNPq and FAPESP researcher, and he writes, on an occasional basis, in the politics section of the Brazilian newspaper ‘Valor Econômico’. Webpage:
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Page McDonough phm21 Page McDonough is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. She studies Spanish, Anthropology, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and Linguistics. She often says she likes to study language, culture, and people. Page loves to travel. In her short time at Pitt she will have studied abroad three times: to Cochabamba, Bolivia with CLAS, a semester living in and loving Valencia, Spain, and to Fortaleza, Brazil with CLAS. She loves to dance, sing, and binge Netflix in her free time.
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Kevin Kerr Pittfan93 Kevin Kerr is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Spanish with a related minor in Portuguese as well as a second minor in Linguistics while also obtaining a Certificate in Latin American Studies from CLAS. After taking some time to travel and work throughout the world, specifically Latin America, post-graduation, he has aspirations of working and studying in the International Business/Economics or Public Health fields.
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Jorge Polo Blanco polo_blancoLARR Nacido en 1983 (Guadalajara, España), es Doctor en Filosofía por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ha publicado una treintena de artículos en revistas académicas especializadas, y otras colaboraciones en obras colectivas. También ha publicado dos libros: Perfiles posmodernos. Algunas derivas del pensamiento contemporáneo (Dykinson, Madrid, 2010); y La economía tiránica. Sociedad mercantilizada, dictadura financiera y soberanía popular (Carpe Noctem, Madrid, 2015). Actualmente, prepara un ensayo sobre la filosofía política de Friedrich Nietzsche. Desde finales de 2015, ha desempeñado su labor docente e investigadora en distintas Universidades de la República del Ecuador. Email:
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US Latin American Relations PS 1324 This course focuses on the history, politics, and legitimacy of US policy towards Latin America. The course is taught by Professor Scott Morgenstern. The contributing articles are written by students who took the course in Spring '18.