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Marco Verdugo Marco Verdugo Investigador independiente
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Marco Cícero Cavallini marco_cicero_ca... Doutor em História pela Unicamp (2005). Atualmente é professor na Universidade Estadual de Maringá. Com pós-doutorado CAPES realizado junto ao Dipartimento di Studi Europei, Americani e Interculturali da Sapienza, Università di Roma. Tem experiência na área de história e literatura, atuando principalmente nos temas: Machado de Assis, crítica e interpretação, história do Brasil, escravidão, literatura e cultura, teorias da história.
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Marcy Schwartz marcy_schwartz Marcy Schwartz is associate professor and chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Her research focuses on Latin American urban space, visual culture (particularly photography), translation, and public culture. Her book "Public Pages: Reading along the Latin American Streetscape" on urban public reading in Latin America will be published by University of Texas press in 2017.
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Margarita López Maya Margarita Margarita Lopez Maya is a Venezuelan historian, PhD in Social Sciences and Senior Professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Her research has been dedicated to Contemporary Social and Political History of Venezuela and Latin America. Professor López Maya has published several books and more than sixty articles in academic journals in Venezuela, Latin America and the USA. Visiting Professor at St Antony´s College in Oxford University, Tinker Professor in Columbia University and Visiting Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, she is considered one of the main experts in the Chávez Era.
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Margarita Calderón Margarita Calderón Departamento de Estudios Pedagógicos - Centro de Investigación Avanzada en Educación, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
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Margarita Fajardo margarita_fajardo Margarita Fajardo is an assistant professor of Latin American history and Global Studies at Sarah Lawrence College. She studied History and Economics at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and obtained her MA and PhD in History at Princeton University in 2011 and 2015, respectively. She is the co-author of the article "Between Capitalism and Democracy: A Study in the Political Economy of Ideas in Latin America" published in the Latin American Research Review, and is currently working on a book manuscript tentatively titled The World that Latin America Created: Knowledge and Power in the Development Era.
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Mariana Daniela Ceva Alvarez Mariana Daniela... Mariana is pursuing a Masters in International Development and will be interning with the OAS this summer.
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Marilde Loiola de Menezes Marilde Loiola ... Doutora em Sociologia - École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, França. Professora Associada do Instituto de Ciência Política, Universidade de Brasília. Área de interesse: Teoria Política, atuando nos seguintes temas: Democracia e Cidadania, Poder Judiciário.
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Marisapr marisapr Marisa is a third-year law student at the University of Pittsburgh. She is pursuing certificates in Health Law and in Latin American Studies. She is interested in gender and race issues and how they affect immigration and immigrant communities. She also does research in public health issues. She has been contributing with articles for Panoramas since 2015.
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Marjorie Morales Casetti Marjorie Morale... Marjorie Morales is Professor of Strategic Management and Public Management, Universidad de La Frontera, Chile. Her research interests include: state modernization, public management, civil service and policy analysis. Her most recent investigation is about Good Government and Social Capital. Webpage: