Yolanda Schuman


Please explain what you do for living.

I work for BNY Mellon in the Technology sector with Internal Applications, specifically in IT Asset Management.

How important in your identity is being Latina?

Very important to me, I know that my Latin identity has shaped who I am today: family oriented, very cultural, determined, I feel open minded, and very accepting of all people, I like to learn and experience everything and anything. I think part of being Latino is pride.

Is there something that you particularly value of your nationality or being Latina?

The most important thing I value is family, I think Latinos focus on family and coming together. When I visit Puerto Rico it’s as if the entire island finds out and everyone comes out to see me and it’s as if we stayed in touch every day! Everyone is warm and welcoming. My whole family, we are very close, it doesn't matter if we don't speak weekly, but you still feel that closeness and connection.

Have you been treated differently because of being Latina (in the workplace, in public settings…etc.)?

I have not been treated differently in a bad way, in my personal experience, but rather in a good way. When I moved from New Jersey to Pittsburgh 31 years ago, everyone was intrigued because of their love for Roberto Clemente the famous baseball player, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and everyone would ask if I was related to him, because they knew he was also Puerto Rican. I found it endearing and I was touched that the love for Roberto was so strong here in Pittsburgh. People always ask about the language, the dance, and the food, but nothing negative.