Sandra Quiñones


Please explain what you do for living.

I am an Assistant Professor of Education (Literacy) in the Department of Instruction and Leadership in Education at Duquesne Education. I teach graduate and undergraduate teacher education courses and conduct research about community schools, critical literacy, and Latino/a education.

How important in your identity is being Latino?

It is very important, mostly as a cultural identity (Puerto Rican), that shapes my worldview and how I interact. I value and embrace my Latina identity that is bilingual and bicultural (Latina/U.S. American). I also use it as a form of resistance to Anglo-American identity.

Is there something that you particularly value of your nationality or being Latino?

I value the interdependence, collective collaborative, and passion/emotion.

Have you been treated differently because of being Latino (in the workplace, in public settings…etc.)?

As a light/fair-skinned Puerto Rican, it is more covert, but people say:

“The ‘feisty’ Latina”

“Oh, you’re so articulate.”

“Oh, but why is your English so good?”

“You are Puerto Rican with a PhD, wow now I’m impressed.”

“You are different (than the others).”

"You are a real Latina, you speak Spanish!”

“You don’t look Puerto Rican.”