Maria Paz Avilez Pincheira


1. Please explain what you do for living.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh.

2. How important in your identity is being Latino?

I love being latina and I love being Chilean. It is part of my roots and that I could never let go. Every time I meet a latino/a I get super excited because I feel like we are connected somehow and that we can relate to similar (but not the exact same) things.

3. Is there something that you particularly value of your nationality or being Latino?

I really value the warmth and kindness to others, and the sense of family and community. At my house we always say “if there is room for 4 people, it means we can fit 6”, I love that we always try to be welcoming with people.

4. Have you been treated differently because of being Latino (in the workplace, in public settings…etc.)? If so, can you describe a situation?

I have been living in the U.S for over a year now, and I have never had a bad experience so far, I haven't felt discriminated or treated differently for being Latina. In fact, when I tell people that I am from Chile, they are curious to know more about my country.