Diana Bellini


1. Please explain what you do for living.

I am a Vice President and Relationship Executive for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing division. I oversee and manage a portfolio of U.S. public funds. As a Relationship Executive, I am a strategic partner with our clients and our stakeholders. In my current role, I drive revenue growth, client retention, and the expansion of BNY Mellon’s footprint in the Asset Servicing market.

2. How important in your identity is being Latino?

I’m very proud of my heritage because it pushes me to be the best of me at every situation. My Latina identity influences my values, my worldview, my intellectual capacity and my desire to be a role model. My Latino culture’s underlying work ethic has empowered me to be successful in Corporate America and motivates me to be a leader in my community.

3. Is there something that you particularly value of your nationality or being Latino?

There are several aspects of being Latina that I value, particularly a sense of enthusiasm and humility. Often times, people believe that being smart is all it takes to be successful. However, people don’t realize the power of humility.  When people work hard, they are bound to give their best. Hard work and a sense of enthusiasm are the perfect recipe to excel in life because any employer will appreciate the positive energy at any circumstance. I treasure those core values and implement them in my daily life by always looking at the bright side of the situations regardless of complexity.

4. Have you been treated differently because of being Latino (in the workplace, in public settings…etc.)? If so, can you describe a situation?

Over the years, I have learned to make negative comments into positive lessons. I have the power to change my outlook and my behaviors. Therefore, I make an effort to overcome bias and make difficult conversations into lessons learned. My advice is to always be kind to others, do what’s right, and be change that you want to see.