Angel Gauthier


1. Please explain what you do for a living.

I’m a college student at Pitt, and I also work part-time at Pizza Romano and McCormick and Smick’s.

2. How important in your identity is being Latino?

I really like being Latino. I like the music, and I like Puerto Rican food a lot. It’s not something I really think about every day, but it’s pretty cool I guess.

3. Is there something that you particularly value of your nationality, or of being Latino?

Yeah, I guess a few things that I particularly like would be salsa music and reggaeton and baseball, from Puerto Rico.

4. Have you ever been treated differently because of being Latino?

Yeah, more so in Pittsburgh than in Philadelphia. Like here, a lot of people ask me where I’m from. And when I say Philadelphia, they keep asking where I’m from, wanting to know further.