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Antoni Kapcia is Professor of Latin American History and head of the Centre for Research on Cuba at the University of Nottingham. He is completing a Historical Dictionary of Cuba for Scarecrow Press and recently published the book Leadership in the Cuban Revolution: The Unseen Story (Zed, 2014). His previous books include Cuba: Island of Dreams (Berg, 2000) and Cuba in Revolution: A History since the Fifties (Reaktion, 2008). His research and publications have long specialised on modern Cuba, specifically in two areas: a) Modern Cuban history: this has meant a special focus on political radicalism in the 1920s-50s and the roots of the post-1959 Revolution, and, on the Revolution's ideology, radicalisation and cultural development, with a wider interest in the questions of nationalism, national identity, and ideological patterns; b) Contemporary Cuban history and politics, focussing on participation, the Party, the political system and cultural politics.

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1)Elise Andaya, Conceiving Cuba: Reproduction, Women, and the State in the Post-Soviet Era. New Brunswick, NJ, and London: Rutgers University Press, 2014....