Rancho, Plomo y Candela. Crónica y Ficción en "Salsa y Control" de José Roberto Duque


Salsa y Control [2](1996) del periodista y escritor venezolano José Roberto Duque es  un texto híbrido, que procede de modo fragmentario, trabajando con letras del cancionero popular caribeño y relatos de escenas de la vida cotidiana de los barrios urbano-marginales

Venezuela Suffers at the Helm of Lower Gas Prices


Recently, Venezuela's black market economy has been “booming,” or rather, has been able to supply basic goods to consumers that the government no longer supplies on a regular basis. The economic crisis in Venezuela, which has brought on shortages of food and other goods, has become normal for citizens, but recently President Nicolás Maduro declared an economic state of emergency.

A Panoramas Interview: Anibal Pérez Liñan of Political Science

October 10, 2016

Anibal Pérez-Liñan, professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh was recently honored with the award of Best Book of Comparative Democratization of 2014 by the American Political Science Association for Democracies and Dictatorships in Latin America: Emergence, Survival, and Fall. The book was co-authored by Scott Mainwaring of Notre Dame. I was fortunate to sit down with Professor Pérez-Liñan to discuss his book and the theories and issues that it poses.


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