COVID-19, The Economic Crisis and Trump's Inequities


The article studies inequities in Donald Trump's policies first with the 2017 tax reform and then concerning the corvid-19: 1) his belated and infamous policy (or lack thereof) in the face of the pandemic; 2) the unconstitutionality of Trump’s declaration of having full power over the states; 3) the numerous cases in which Trump, his allies and large corporations have benefited from covid-19; 4) the economic rescue packages, the initial focus on helping large corporations and the struggle of Democrats to improve equity; 5) the triage that theoretically must be objective and ethical but in practice privileges the rich and powerful while sacrificing the poor, elderly, Hispanics and African-Americans; and 6) the people's reaction to Trumpian policies over covid-19 and their potential impact on the elections.

Trump’s “Safe Third Country” Policy

July 22, 2019

While Donald Trump’s presidency has polarized America with voters vehemently for or against his policies, his actions in regards to immigration in the United States have been among the most controversial of his time in office. From the 2017 travel ban-most commonly referred to as the “Muslim ban”- to promises of building a physical wall between Mexico and the United States, developing new immigration policies has been a prominent issue for President Trump since taking office in 2017.

Cuban Tourism Plummets Amidst Trump’s New Travel Restrictions

September 9, 2019

While Cuba may be on many Americans’ travel bucket lists, Donald Trump is making this dream less and less attainable with each policy he passes. Not only are these increasingly tight travel restrictions affecting the thousands of US travelers that have dreamed of lounging on the beaches of Varadero or walking down the colorful Havana streets, the Cuban tourism industry is now struggling to generate profits like they once did.


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