Guatemala Elections 2015: A Brief Overview

October 5, 2016

This upcoming September, eligible Guatemalans will be voting for several heads of state including President, Vice President, 158 Congress deputies, and 338 mayors.  With increasing rates of poverty, crime, and violence, the next wave of elected officials will play a major role in the country’s direction and future.  Perhaps the most important of these will be the selection of the president-elect and the agenda he or she pursues.  However, the pool of hopeful candidates (as can be seen below) appears less-than-ideal.

Hijo de Presidenta de Chile Renuncia a Puesto de "Primera Dama" tras Escándalo

October 10, 2016

Sebastián Dávalos Bachelet, el hijo de la Presidenta Michelle Bachelet, renunció al cargo de director de la Dirección Sociocultural de la Presidencia de Chile el 13 de febrero pasado en medio de una álgida controversia por un préstamo bancario que obtuvo en circunstancias sospechosas.1

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