female gender roles

The Paradoxes of Women’s Work in late 19th Century Spanish America: Soledad Acosta, a Case Study

November 22, 2019
Soledad Acosta

How do people understand themselves and their relationships with other people, institutions, and authority? One way to look at this question is through the lens of gender. Throughout nineteenth-century Spanish America, men and women alike grappled with changing attitudes about gender roles and social codes related to gender. Increasingly, the debates around those changes included the question of women’s access to and participation in the workforce.

Presidentas Rise: Consequences for Women in Cabinets?

March 21, 2017

As President Donald Trump has assembled what seems to be one of the most male-dominated cabinets in recent U.S. history, many are wondering what a female president might have done in his place. It is worth looking at Latin America—which has elected female presidents more times than any other region of the world—for lessons on how and why female presidents use their power differently from their male counterparts. In Latin America, presidents have virtually no formal restrictions on who they can nominate (i.e. no legislative body approves the presidents’ ministerial picks).

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