Afro-Indigeneity in Latin America: Conversations of Diasporic Blackness, Allyship, & Advocacy


By Ashley Brown

With the coming and passing of Indigenous Peoples' Day, we are tasked with continuing the celebration and advocacy for Indigenous communities that have been destroyed and deeply scarred by centuries of colonization. The diversity of identities in Latin America has resulted in the creation of new cultures, languages, and world perspectives. Two groups that embody this intersectionality are the Afro-Indigenous tribes known as the Garifuna and the Miskito people. Both communities are challenged with efforts to erasure their culture However, the growing recognition and representation of Indigenous people help combat this cycle of violence from continuing.

How can our intentional consumption of knowledge and advocacy challenge the colonial paradigms that marginalize Afro-Indigenous communities?

Chinatown in Peru? A Brief Look of the Chinese Diaspora in Latin America

December 2, 2016

Latin America may be the last place you would expect to see someone who is Chinese. Yet surprisingly, scattered around Latin America, there are many pockets of Chinese immigrants, many of whom consider these nations home. In the areas where there are large Chinese populations, you may even find a Chinatown or un barrio chino.

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