Interview: Brazil’s COVID-19 Response Threatens Not Just Its Citizenry But Also the Whole World


By Ben Lyons

This interview has been translated from the original Portuguese by the author. The interviewee is a local official in a Brazilian city. Due to the volatile political climate in Brazil and sensitivity of the topic, they have requested anonymity.

I know that the situation in Brazil is very bad right now. How is it in your city/your state/your region?

Clases sociales y riesgos de pobreza y aumento de la desigualdad en Latinoamérica, en tiempos de pandemia

November 17, 2020
Estos tiempos de pandemia y (auto) enclaustramientos y distancias obligados o precautorias, nos permiten en algunos casos, observar las condiciones diversas que genera los efectos del COVID-19 en la estructura social, ya que sus implicancias son diversas de acuerdo a la posición de clase de diversas poblaciones.

COVID-19, The Economic Crisis and Trump's Inequities


The article studies inequities in Donald Trump's policies first with the 2017 tax reform and then concerning the corvid-19: 1) his belated and infamous policy (or lack thereof) in the face of the pandemic; 2) the unconstitutionality of Trump’s declaration of having full power over the states; 3) the numerous cases in which Trump, his allies and large corporations have benefited from covid-19; 4) the economic rescue packages, the initial focus on helping large corporations and the struggle of Democrats to improve equity; 5) the triage that theoretically must be objective and ethical but in practice privileges the rich and powerful while sacrificing the poor, elderly, Hispanics and African-Americans; and 6) the people's reaction to Trumpian policies over covid-19 and their potential impact on the elections.

Brazilian Democracy with Bolsonaro: How long can Brazil handle it?

August 11, 2020

In the best-seller, “How Democracies Die,” Steven Levitsky and David Ziblatt analyze how authoritarian leaders are democratically elected and then create tyrannies or authoritarian regimes, killing democracy.


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