Interview: Brazil’s COVID-19 Response Threatens Not Just Its Citizenry But Also the Whole World


By Ben Lyons

This interview has been translated from the original Portuguese by the author. The interviewee is a local official in a Brazilian city. Due to the volatile political climate in Brazil and sensitivity of the topic, they have requested anonymity.

I know that the situation in Brazil is very bad right now. How is it in your city/your state/your region?

Vidas Negras Importam: The Black Lives Matter Movement in Brazil

In this photo, a woman holds a sign that reads “Justice for Miguel. Black Lives Matter.” This protest was sparked after the death of Miguel da Silva, a Black five-year-old child.

By Ashley Brown

Two Black children, Miguel Otávio Santana da Silva, aged five, and João Pedro, aged fourteen, both passed away tragically during the month of June, 2020 in Brazil at the hands of white individuals in power. The civil protests taking place have not only been catalyzed by these two deaths, but also fueled by the history of civil unrest due to police brutality, racism, and discrimination. 

Violent Nonstate Actors and the Emergence of Hybrid Governance in South America

March 4, 2021
Traditional studies in international security have paid almost no attention to governance dynamics involving the extent of social violence and the new forms of governance generated by agents of violence, which are defined as Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs). VNSAs can be defined as "relatively autonomous organizations (not under complete and direct state control) with significant and sustained coercive capabilities for organized violence.” In our work, we focus on a very specific kind of VNSA that uses violence as a tool to achieve their aims: organized crime. 


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