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Christien Klaufus cklaufus Christien Klaufus is Assistent Professor of Human Geography at the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation, University of Amsterdam. She specializes in urban studies and the Andean region. She holds a Master's degree in Architecture (1993) and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology (2006). She is the author of Urban Residence (Berghahn 2006) and editor of Housing and Belonging in Latin America (Berghahn 2015). She has published international articles on housing, migrant architecture, urban development and, recently, on urban deathscapes in Latin America. Webpage:
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Claudia Heiss claudiaheiss Claudia Heiss is Assistant Professor at Universidad de Chile’s Institute of Public Affairs. She holds a PhD in Politics from the New School for Social Research and a Master of Arts from Columbia University. She is also a Bachelor in Journalism from Universidad de Chile. Her current research focuses con constitutionalism in Latin America and the constitutional problem in Chile.
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Claudia Ferman claudia_ferman Dr. Claudia Ferman is Associate Professor of Latin American and Film Studies at the University of Richmond, as well as documentarian and film programmer. She is the documentary film review editor for the Latin American Research Review.
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Cláudia Lemos claudia_lemos Cláudia Lemos has a Ph.D. in Literature from Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, 2001). She is a journalist at TV Câmara and a researcher at Cefor, the Training Center of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.
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Cecilia Lavena clavena Dr. Cecilia Lavena is an Adjunct Professor at the Social Sciences Department, Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires, Argentina). She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals (American Review of Public Administration and Public Integrity) and is co-editing a book (with Dr. Yahong Zhang) on Government Counter Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (Taylor and Francis). Dr. Lavena is currently working on documenting lessons learned for the “Towards a culture of anti-corruption compliance in Argentina” project at the Center for Anti-Corruption Studies, Law Department, Universidad de San Andrés.
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Collin Grimes Collin Grimes Collin Grimes is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of California, Riverside and Visiting Researcher in the Instituto de Ciencia Política at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. A comparativist who is currently studying political economy and civil-military relations, he has a forthcoming article in Comparative Politics on military natural resource levy reform. His dissertation is a comparative study of the political economy of military industry reform, with case studies of Argentina, Chile, Portugal, and Turkey.
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Conié Reynoso Conie Conié Reynoso is a journalist from Guatemala. She has covered topics related to politics and justice in her home country and has worked with the Pan American Health Organization. She studied communication sciences at the University of San Carlos and did a master in communication and policy at Panamericana University in Guatemala. She is also founder and member of Biciudad, an organization that promotes the use of bicycles and road safety laws in Guatemala.
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Connor Weber Connor Weber Connor Weber is an undergraduate senior at the University of Pittsburgh where he majors in Political Science along with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Latin American studies. In the Spring of 2013 he studied abroad in Cuba for the semester as part of the program Pitt in Cuba. His time there greatly shaped his interest in U.S. foreign policy and U.S. & Latin American relations. He currently works as an intern for Panoramas and is eager to conduct research this summer in Costa Rica.
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Constanza San Martín Ulloa Constanza San Martín Profesora Asistente de la Facultad de Educación. Doctora en Psicología Escolar y Desarrollo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Magíster en Gestión de Políticas Nacionales con mención en Educación y Cultura (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) y Profesora de Educación Diferencial con mención en discapacidad intelectual (Universidad de Playa Ancha). Realiza docencia de pregrado en los cursos de Políticas Educativas, Investigación en Educación, Aprendizaje y Desarrollo en la carrera de Educación Diferencial. Sus principales líneas de investigación y publicación se encuentran en el área de educación inclusiva, formación, concepciones y actitudes del profesorado.
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Consuelo Uribe Consuelo Uribe Consuelo is a sociologist from Universidad Santo Tomas in Bogota, with a master's in Public Health from Harvard University and a PH. D. in social anthropology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Sciences Sociales in Paris. Her areas of research include social policy and social stratification and mobility. She is full professor at the Department of Sociology of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.