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The Weaponization of Music and Social Media Against Homophobia in México

October 21, 2019

This amalgamation of influences produced a Mexican state that has a diverse and lively array of LGBTQ+ communities in different cities across the nation. In the context of “queer” meaning relating to people who do not conform to the heteronormative or cis-gendered Mexican lifestyle, Mexican queer history reveals to us that Mexican LGBTQ+ people have had to adapt to different ways of living across different regions and periods. The administration of NAFTA added another dimension, shifting México into a country that freely adopted trade between the U.S. and Canada.

Las lenguas indígenas latinoamericanas

October 16, 2019

Los idiomas nativos son muy importantes para crear una identidad y expandir la cultura de una región, especialmente en América Latina. América Latina tiene una increíble cantidad de lenguas indígenas que se ha dividido y extendido durante muchas generaciones. Algunas lenguas bien conocidas incluyen yucateco, tzetzal, q'anjob’alan, chuj, mocho, k’iche y mam (Campbell, 1997).


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