The Black Rainbow

August 21, 2020


White spirits sprout from red and black grounds.

Some born sad others – happy.

The white is the color of the empty

But the white generates – all of the colors.

White, white, white, white.



Pale almost white day

Dim light passing through the dreams

Cheerful, tenuous, fleeting

Yellow, the city of violet souls

Dressed in the color of the extinct stars.



Hopes and tears, memories

An infinite ocean in front of life.

Beneath the world a mother and a child,

An eternal walk close to the beach.

Before the rainbow arrives

Childhood, with a gray smile. 



There is war in all the souls:

War of black, red, and blue.

In the end, blue arches its neck.

It is difficult to resist the great rainbow

Black as the heart itself. 



Equal days repeating themselves

Flames igniting old houses

Old lives, old dreams, old fears

A whole world immersed in red vapors

Blue martyrs watery sky




Withered flowers burned in the wind,

Scrawny bodies struggled in the mud.

The sound and fury were extinguished,

In time there was only waiting.

White and black had, forever

Get together.



The pale yellow days are over.

Even in dreams, black always wins.

Black, Black, Black, Black

Corsairs destroy themselves on the gray horizon,

Crows forbid the light in the rainbow.


About Author(s)

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Gonzalo Bolliger
Gonzalo was born in Lima, Peru, in 1989, but he has been living in Brazil since 1994. He has always had an enormous need to express himself and his internal perception of the world. So as soon as he started writing (when he was 14 years old), he understood that art, in general, was the perfect way to accomplish it. He has studied languages at the University of São Paulo (USP), and nowadays, he works as a writer, a teacher, and translating papers. He will be publishing all his written works and poems this year, 2020.